Country Bot

A bot all about countries


Country Bot is a bot all about countries! With new and fun economy commands and commands being added almost every week, Country Bot is sure to turn your server into a fun haven! Country Bot can also tell you a lot about countries! Get data such as population, area, capital, region, subregion, and many more on almost any country in the world!

1200+ Servers!

We at Country Bot are delighted that it has spread to over 1200 hundred servers!

Country Bot Features

99.99% Uptime

We know it can be annoying when bots are offline. However, Country Bot is online 99% of the time, so you can use it whenever you want!


Country Bot lets you search up anything on discord, with its wikipedia command!

Economy System!

Country Bot brings a new take on economy commands! Use population and coins to get the most prestige and coins! Show off on the global leaderboard!

Animals and Memes!

Need a laugh, or want to look at cute animals! Country bot has got you covered!


With Country Bot's games. You can test your geography skills and compete against your friends!

Country Bot is smart

Country bot can tell you cool data about countries, and tell you up to date information about COVID-19

Vote for Country Bot today!

Voting is the best way to support us! Get cool rewards, and bump up country bot's popularity! A win win.

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